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1720 Middle Country Rd,

Ridge, NY, 11961

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Toddler program

Music activities

The foundation for music starts at a young age. Your toddler will benefit from our music experiences that teach learning in a fun way. Music is a naturally method of learning and one that we enjoy incorporating.

Play activities

The toddler age group is just starting to learn how to use their body and have physically involved play. Your toddler will enjoy play activities that are designed to help with their physical development.

Learning activities

A toddler needs a variety of activities to help keep them busy. Our activities are designed to help to stimulate the curiosity level, the coordination of toddlers, and the intellect of toddlers.

Reap the benefits




Your toddler will be taken care of by our family owned and operated facility.


You'll find a safe nurturing environment for child development.

Our facility is equipped with technology that cleans the air and prevents bacteria growth.

Your toddler will be comfortable with our classrooms that are heated or air-conditioned.

Your toddler will be able to continue to advance in their language development as well as nurture their other senses through play and other activities.

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